Public Library, Jászfényszaru

About the Library

Fundamentally the Library provides high quality library service for the local population.

Our departments:

  • Scientific literature
  • Literature
  • Children and juvenile
  • Local history
  • Informatics with 5 desktop computers

Our services:

  • library visit
  • using of the whole collection of the library onsite
  • using of the book stock finding tools (catalogue)
  • providing public information
  • literature research, literature news feed
  • library loan (book, journal, DVD, CD, slide)
  • inter-library loan
  • printing, editing documents
  • library activities for formerly signed-in groups
  • Internet access by PCs

Our History

There were two public reading society before 1945 but unfortunately the book stock was destroyed during World War II. The foundation of the current library was based on a Depository Library established in 1951 then from 1st January 1961 it was used as a public education library in the same building where the town culture home could be found. In the beginning librarian duties were fulfilled by pedagogues. From 1963 until 1973 unskilled employees were being rotated at the already full-time librarian position.

In 1966 Town Library with children department was also placed in the new culture centre. As the size of the book stock was increasing the two available rooms seemed small, as a result children department was moved to the new school in January, 1973. In these days 2 librarians are working in the library in two rooms on the first floor.

Joining and borrowing policies

Regarding to the Act 140 (Section 57) of 1997, library joiner shall provide and prove his/her personal data for registration: name, mother’s name, place and date of birth, permanent and temporary address, identity card number or passport number. If library joiner is under the age of 14 parental or guardian certificate is also needed. Book loaner is taking responsibility for the loaned items during the loan period. Joining is valid for current year.

Joining fees:

  • Under the age of 16 and over 70: free
  • Members of health impaired associations’ representatives (eligibility shall be proved) – blinds, visually impaired, deaf, physically disabled and pedagogues: free
  • Membership renewals - not entitled to discount 400 HUF
  • Newly joined - not entitled to discount 500 HUF

The whole book stock is for library loan, with the exception of final theses, dictionaries and encyclopedias.


  • Loan period is 30 days, 10 documents can be taken out on loan at the same time.

Journals, DVDs, CDs, slides:

  • Service can be received only with valid library card
  • Maximum 6 journals can be taken out on loan for 2 weeks
  • Maximum 3 items of DVD, CD or slide can be taken out on loan for 2 weeks


  • There are 2 occasions for loan deadline renewal personally with library card within the loan deadline.

Contact Us

Name and address of the Institution:

Petőfi Sándor Culture Centre and Library (Petőfi Sándor Művelődési ház és Könyvtár)

1 Szent István Road, Jászfényszaru, 5126 Hungary

Postal address: Postal code 17, Jászfényszaru, 5126 Hungary


Telephone/Fax: +36-57-422-265

Library hours:

  • Monday 8.30 a.m.-2.30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8.30 a.m.-4.30 p.m.
  • Friday 8.30 a.m.-6.30 p.m.


Thought-reading Club

A reading club has been gathering continuously in our Library since 2010. (It was revealed that Jászfényszaru used to have reading club earlier.) The idea came with the annually organized national Albert Wass Reading. We wanted to carry on and strengthen its atmosphere that is the reason why we meet 5-6 times a year in autumn and winter, we gather with some home-made cakes and tea, read the works, discuss them and talk. The topics are always diverse, sometimes we choose an author, in other cases our evening is led by a given concept or emotion, we always choose the next topic of the further occasions together.

Permanent members: Mária Hangosiné Réz, Fózer Tiborné, Éva Basa, Katalin Bordásné Kovács, Borbála Bordás, Mária Nagyné Kiss, Pető Lászlóné, Görbe Jánosné, Katalin Bujdosó, Ildikó Nagy, Anita Lajkó, Kristóf Vince Farkas

Our topics so far:

  • Márai Sándor, Mikszáth Kálmán, George Orwell, Szabó Magda, Gárdonyi Géza, Móricz Zsigmond, Móra Ferenc, Sütő András
  • my favourite reading, love, paths of the soul, Advent, letter, motherhood, contemporary authors, poets, lyrics

We have chosen the name Thought-reading Club on 30th September 2011. Each member was given an individual and unique membership card with different furrier samples of the Jászság thanks to Dezső Szilágyi folk wood-carving artist.

Needlework Club

Starting from autumn 2013, the club includes almost 20 participants in the Library’s reading room from 3 p.m. every Friday.

You can find needleworkers here from beginner, progressive to professional levels. One of the club’s unexpected success is that more and more youngsters and children are joining it who are willing to learn from the proficient.

Aim of the club:

  • learning the basis of different methods
  • presentations and learning of new methods, techniques (crochet, embroidery, knit work, gobelin, making jewel, others)
  • learning from each other
  • community togetherness, conversations
  • making works for exhibitions


TIOP project

A consortium was founded with the collaboration of 5 towns and 2 villages from the Jászság area – with the participation of the Town Library of Jászfényszaru – for the tender called „Knowledge Depot Express” (Tudásdepó-Expressz 1.) in the framework of Social Infrastructure Operational Programme Library Services for a coordinated infrastructure development (project number: TIOP-1.2.3-08/01). Good news – the consortium applied for 70 mil HUF support and granted 100% with which the implementation of the project was made possible – was received in the summer of 2009.

This project was aiming library services to quit the walls of the institution, to adjust to the user requirements of the 21st century, improve the library system in a modern and EU-compatible way and undergo a significant paradigm shift. The program was followed by the Project Manager, Library Director Szabó Jánosné’s report in which we came to know the particular stages of the project. 11 people were taking part in the preparation and implementation while the participating institutions were given 43 reader and 18 librarian PCs.

Our Library was given 4 mil 65 465 HUF from the total amount of the project. The completion and implementation deadline of the project is 30 June 2010.

The following items were purchased from the tender: - TextLib integrated librarian system, MAGic Professional Software for visually impaired, clear catalogue, barcode and reader kit, CorelDraw12SE

                                                                                    - 1 librarian, 4 user PCs and 1 server

                                                                                    - 1 label printer, 1 uninterruptible power supply, 1 projector and linen, 1 document management system for A/4 size, 1 laser printer, wifi router, switch network interface

We are pleased to announce that the service is available from 8th February 2010, 4 user PCs are ensured for the readers. Internet access of the Library is provided by KözHáló Programme by the Ministry of Information and Communications (Informatikai és Hírközlési Minisztérium), the use of Köznet is free of charge.

TÁMOP project 1.

A Project called the Implementation of School-friendly Programmes Based on Partnership in Jászfényszaru Area (Partnerségen alapuló iskolabarát programok megvalósítása Jászfényszaru térségben) project number: TÁMOP 3.2.11/10-1-2010-0182

Implementation period: 21 March 2011 – 31 August 2012

Aid amount: 15 mil 692 600 HUF

Financed by the European Union, European Social Fund and the Government of Hungary

During the project 6 institutions of 3 types (kindergarten, primary school and secondary school) of 3 settlements (Boldog, Jászberény, Jászfényszaru) were collaborating in special programmes (vocational guidance day, chess and football championship, arts demonstration day) and implemented extracurricular activities on school level such as chess class, domestic class, JAM class, camp, Children’s Day, Sports Day, Health Day, World Animal Day and reading days.

TÁMOP Knowledge Depot Express 2.

The end of our Library tender is slowly approaching. As a result we summarize what has been received by the tender, what could be given with the help of the tender, what were the positive outcomes and what are our experience and edification. These are the reasons why the Library had applied for it:

  • closer relationship with the locals who can reach our services with difficulties
  • new community space with modern furniture
  • opportunity of vocational trainings
  • several diverse and spirit-building activities

Numerous meaningful relationships were made, old friendships were strengthened. Our aim was to organize achievable and lifelike activities which were our old desires at the same time (e.g. reading camp) moreover we had searched for partners who also had great and innovative ideas.

Implementation period: 1 September 2012 – 28 Februar 2014

Aid amount: 21 mil 30 950 HUF

The followings have been implemented and purchased during the tender:

  • co-operation with the Elderly’s Day Care Centre, 2 programmes a week were organized during 16 month aiming to support rich free-time activities of the elderly (film projection, needlework, reading from satellite library shelf, board game club)
  • satellite library in the Eastern part of the town from the collection of the library’s books, mental health conversations once a month
  • prior needs assessment, target group analysis (interviewing and questionnaires)
  • new furniture in the library loan space (library loan desk, sofa, children corner) and in the reading room (computer desks and local history corner)
  • library website, TextLib Software Development
  • usage of web2 interfaces (facebook, tumblr) and starting a local history blog (available through the website)
  • reading camp: the elaboration of The Giver story with 12-15 years-olds, joint excursion
  • creative camp called Let the book be yours!, making of ex libris with adults
  •  readers meeting authors: János Lackfi, Janka Fábián, Dániel Fáy
  • reading clubs
  • professional lectures: Fruzsina Skrabski (journalist, documentary filmmaker), Zsuzsanna Szvetelszky (Sociologist), Andrea Andrek (Psychologist), Tünde Tegzes (Bible therapist)
  • Hungarian folk tale week where kindergarten children and primary school juniors were invited to watch slides, do handicraft with the collaboration of the Child Welfare Office
  • Week of Birth programme series with the collaboration of the Health Visitor Service, professional presentations and reading night were organized
  • vocational training 2x2 occasions
    • preparation for obtaining modern user skills, 60 hour course
    • Operation of interactive portals in library environment, 60 hour course
    • Preparation for the development of various user groups’ reading competencies, 60 hour course
    • Connectivism – network building knowledge in librarians’ practice, 60 hour course
  • laminator, headphones, laptop, e-book reader, tablet, cutting machine for A/3 size, speaker set, purchase of external hard drive, pendrive